The Right Way To Freeze Fresh Peaches

Enjoy summer’s bounty all year long!  Learn the perfect technique to freeze fresh peaches for smoothies, cobblers and so much more!

We adore the fresh fruits and veggies that summer provides and when the weather starts to take a turn, we are very sad to see them go.  We can always find frozen fruits in the freezer aisle, but most stores charge outrageous amounts for even the smallest of bags.



If you invest just a little time during the summer, you can reap the rewards of fresh peaches all throughout the colder months.  Better Homes & Gardens has put together this lovely tutorial showing how simple it is to freeze peaches so that they will keep perfectly.  From peeling to storing, they have it all covered.

Imagine how delicious and comforting that warm cobbler will be on a chilly fall evening!  And it will be even sweeter knowing how much money you saved!



WATCH:  Easy step-by-step tutorial on how to freeze fresh peaches


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