Make Ahead Smoothies In Ball Jars Simplify Your Morning

Make Ahead Smoothies In Ball Jars Simplify Your Morning

Whether as a quick and portable breakfast or a healthy mid-afternoon snack, make ahead smoothies can provide you with a shot of creamy frozen nutrition…blended right in a Ball Jar!

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WATCH:  Make Ahead Smoothies prepared, frozen and blended all in the same Ball Jar!


How many times have you been rushing around in the morning, desperately trying to get yourself, your family, the pets all taken care of before you finally close the door to embark on your even busier day?  Did you make time to sit and prepare yourself a nutritious breakfast?  Of course not!  A granola bar and coffee in the car will have to do…if you’re lucky.  What if you could pack some yummy fruits and veggies into that breakfast and it could be ready to go in less than a minute?  Sounds fantastic to me!

Check out this amazing video for Make Ahead Smoothies from Little Things, where they not only show how to make and freeze your smoothie recipes ahead of time, but how to use Ball Jars to store and, yes, blend your breakfast!  I did not know this, but you can screw the blender blades directly onto the Ball Jar and use the pulse setting to puree the contents!  Add a straw and you’re done!  We love it!


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