Baby Pumpkin Butts Are Cute But Are They Too Much?

Love them or hate them, Pumpkin Butts are all over the internet.  Moms everywhere are painting babies’ bottoms, hoping for the perfect shot for social media.

The fall craze over the past couple of years is for Moms to post photos of their babies with pumpkins painted on their bottoms.  This trend is growing and Moms from all over are getting in on the act.  While we can’t deny these shots are adorable, what do you think about posting them to Instagram?  Should these photos be left in the private family albums?



Judging by responses, some folks love this idea, but some would rather not be invited to this particular party.  And we suspect that these kids might grow up to be a little embarrassed by the public display of their back sides.  I’m pretty sure my twins would have my head if I had done this when they were babies.  What are your thoughts?


allcreated - pumpkin butts

credit: BuzzFeed


Mom’s all over are breaking out the paints and making baby pumpkin butts their Instagram obsessions.

Check out all of the pudgy bottoms over at BuzzFeed.


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