Lovely 100-Year-Olds Show Off Their Easy Beauty Hacks

Hair And Makeup Tips From Beautiful Centenarians

If you know a 100-year-old, you probably know that they have tons of wisdom to share.  Here is some beauty advice from 100-year-olds that is priceless!



Too often, we forget what full and interesting lives the seniors who surround us have lived.  In their quietness often lies floods of memories, thoughts and opinions about what they see happening around them.  We are so inspired and joyed by this cheeky video, from the folks at Allure, that provides us with some wise and familiar tips for maintaining beauty at any age.  These ladies have a beautiful spirit that radiates from within.  In our opinion, they are stunning…with or without lipstick.


allcreated - beauty advice from 100-year-olds

Credit: Allure


WATCH: Spunky Beauty Advice from 100-Year-Olds

credit:  Allure


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