Learn Application Tips For Mature Eye Makeup With Glasses

Do you wear glasses?  Eye makeup with glasses can be tricky unless you know the specific tricks for your type of eyewear.

Many of us start wearing makeup long before we eventually need to wear glasses.  But, did you change the way you apply cosmetics after buying eyewear?  I know I didn’t.  And did you also know that you should apply makeup differently, depending on what type of lens your glasses have?  Didn’t know that either!



Yay for Heather from Awesome Over 50 as she brings us more great advice on how to stay fresh and beautiful as we age.  Her tutorial on applying makeup for women who wear glasses is so informative.  And we love Heather because she is so matter of fact and makes no apologies about the struggles of getting older.  It’s great to hear from someone who “gets it”!



WATCH:  Heather gives mature women advice on how to apply eye makeup with glasses


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