Ham Mistakes You Need To Know Before You Make Easter Dinner

If company’s comin’ for Easter, you may be planning to bake a ham for dinner.  But before you turn on the oven, take a look at these common ham mistakes.



When it comes to the main entree on the holiday table, baked ham is fairly easy to cook.  But, there are some mistakes that can result in a less-than-perfect dish.  The first step is making sure you have purchased the best ham that you can afford.  Then follow these tips to make sure that your Easter feast is pure perfection!

The folks at Well Done caution against:

  • Buying boneless
  • Choosing artificially plumped ham
  • Baking without a liner
  • Cooking the ham on its side
  • Taking it straight from fridge to oven
  • and more!



allcreated - ham mistakes

credit: Thinkstock/bhofack2


WATCH:  Before you plan your Easter meal, you want to take a look at these common ham mistakes


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