Gordon Ramsay On How To Make Perfect Scrambled Eggs

How do you make eggs?  You may be able to achieve the perfect scrambled eggs with a little help from Masterchef Gordon Ramsay!

I am ashamed to say I have been doing this all wrong.  And here I was thinking that I made a pretty darned good egg.  But after watching professional chef, Gordon Ramsay at work, I realized I have a lot to learn!

I have been beating eggs in a bowl before heating.  Wrong.  And adding seasoning before heating.  Whoops.  And adding half and half to the egg mixture.  Ok, not so bad, but not nearly as delish as his recommendation.



Watch as he demonstrates his method for a creamy, fluffy egg, with perfect coloring and texture.  And it’s so easy!  Just a few tweaks and we’ll all be wearing the Masterchef crown in our own homes!




WATCH:  Be a Masterchef in your kitchen with this perfect scrambled eggs technique


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