Train For A 5k The Healthy & Successful Way!

Whether you walk, jog or run, preparing to participate in a 5k (which is 3.1 miles) you need to train. And I’m here to encourage ALL of you out there that this is doable and fun!

I stumbled on this article while reading my Better Homes and Gardens magazine over the weekend and knew it was worth sharing.



Here’s a healthy (and so doable) checklist to train and prepare for a 5k race. And don’t let the other ‘runners’ intimidate you. I’ve participated in many races…walking. And I’ve enjoyed every bit of it!

So gather up some girlfriends and start today!!



NOTE: Before you get started there are 2 things you will need to make your walk/jog/run experience more comfortable: good shoes and a good sports bra. Seek some help from a running store expert and you’ll be ready to go! Other than that, wear lightweight clothing that’s comfortable.

This 8-week program is designed to get you in shape to walk / jog / run the 5k but always listen to your body. If you need to rest, by all means do so. And log your workouts on a calendar – noting how you felt after each day will help you recognize improvements.

20-Minute Walk / Jog / Run Interval Plan: (your goal is to walk 3x per week, min)

Weeks 1 & 2: 

Walk 2 minutes, jog 30 seconds. Do this for 20 minutes. But start slow…no need to jog the first day out…but do walk with a purpose in your gait.

Week 3:

 Walk 2 minutes, jog / run 90 seconds.

Week 4: 

Walk 2 minutes, jog / run 2 minutes.

Week 5: 

Walk 2 minutes, run 3 minutes.



Week 6: 

Walk 2 minutes, run 4 minutes

Week 7: 

Walk 1 minute, run 4 minutes.


Walk 1 minute, run 4 minutes (two times this week and on race day)






**Please see your doctor before you begin any regimented routine. 

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