Chip and Jo’s Hilarious Fixer Upper Outtakes

I Can’t Believe Chip Gaines Just Said That. These Fixer Upper Outtakes Had Me ROTFL!

Chip Gaines, you crack me up. And Joanna Gaines, you are the perfect woman for such a man. I was on the floor laughing after watching these Fixer Upper Outtakes. I can watch these two all day long. Oh wait, I already do.

Fixer upper outtakes - AllCreated




WATCH: Get Chip Gaines to the River – Fixer Upper Outtakes




WATCH: Chip Gaines is On a Roll – Fixer Upper Outtakes

WATCH: Sit Down Chip Gaines – Fixer Upper Bloopers

How great is it to have a couple on TV demonstrate what a true partnership should look like? We just love how Chip and Jo don’t take themselves too seriously and aren’t afraid to laugh when things go wrong. What a great lesson for all of us! Next time I mess up, I’m going to try to remember this lesson, and just laugh it off, after all, laughter is the best medicine!


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