Swineapple Is Smoked Pork, Pineapple, Bacon Fusion

Have you ever heard of a Swineapple?  Go ahead and laugh, but then get ready for your mouth to water over this smoked pork and pineapple delight!

Pork and fruit are made for each other.  The tart and sweet of the fruit helps to balance the rich and fatty of the pork.  Put them all together and you get a match made in heaven.

Check out this creative recipe that marries pork loin, pineapple and bacon and smokes it up until the outer layer is crisp and the inner is moist and tender.



This technique is very similar to how meats and fruits are prepared in the islands.  But now you, with some help from Smoked Meat With Jef, can do it in your backyard.

Jef prides himself on knowing his way around a smoker.   In his how-to video, he walks you through all the steps to create this beautiful, edible masterpiece.



WATCH:  Smoke your own Swineapple by stuffing a bacon-weaved pineapple with luscious pork loin


Here is your supply/ingredient list:

Sharp Knives
Spoon or ice cream scoop
Long skewers (bamboo)
Wax Paper

Pork Loin or boneless pork ribs
Whole Pineapple
Thick Bacon

Pop over to Smoked Meat With Jef for more details.


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