Go From Faux To Fabulous By Painting Laminate Furniture

Do you have a piece of furniture that needs a facelift?  By painting laminate furniture, you can bring a piece back to life, even it’s not real wood.

Real wood is a rarity these days.  Even if a piece has some wood, there is a chance that other parts are made with laminate.  Because laminate is just a picture of wood, adhered to particle board or MDF, paint will not adhere because there are no “pores” for the paint to cling to.



Jann at Newton Custom Interiors has tons of experience painting laminate and she wants to share her knowledge with us!  She has painted stand-alone pieces, but you could also do built-in units like bathroom vanities and bookshelves.  Imagine the possibilities for your space!



Another fantastic project…this one from Pinterest and the Pauper.

Here are the supplies you need when painting laminate furniture:

  • TSP Substitute –  This is a liquid form of  TSP (trisodium phosphate) which is a heavy duty cleaner and de-greaser.
  • 100 Grit Sanding Block – Used to sand the laminate.
  • Tack Cloth –  Used to clean the dust from sanding the laminate.
  • Small Paintbrush – Choose a quality brush for the best result.
  • Microfiber roller and handle– Lightly dampen with water before using to ensure a better finish.
  • Pittsburgh Paint’s Breakthrough paint – If you use this paint, you won’t need to use an oil-based primer for your first coat.

Head on over to Newton Custom Interiors for all of the instructions on her complete tutorial.


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