Ingenious Ways To Hide An Air Conditioning Unit

Is your AC unit a big ole’ eyesore?  Look at all of these creative ways to hide an air conditioning unit.  Inside or out, there may be a solution here for your house!

Chances are that you have either an outdoor AC unit or an indoor wall or window unit.  Let’s face it, neither are very attractive.  Who knew there were so many different ways to make them blend in with your decor?  We love the idea below, where the homeowner cut a hole in the back of the cabinet.  And another, where they created a chalkboard cover.



Good Housekeeping has 8 different solutions for you.  We love creative problem-solving!  Do you have a clever cover for your AC?


Hide an air conditioning unit using any of these materials:

  • decorative paper
  • furniture
  • lattice
  • mosaic panels
  • chalkboard
  • fabric
  • wooden slats
Check them out at Good Housekeeping and see if they would work for you!


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