Topsy Turvy Trick Will Make Tomatoes Last Longer

Do your tomatoes go bad before you have a chance to eat them?  A couple of simple tricks will make tomatoes last longer and save your harvest!

Tomato dishes are a big favorite during the dog days of summer.  The fruits are plentiful and the refreshing and tangy taste is such a palate-pleaser when the heat is on.  What a disappointment when our plants are thriving, but we can’t seem to eat our bounty fast enough.  Let’s face it, pruny tomatoes are simply not appetizing.



Serious Eats walks us through a little bit of the “why” behind the over-ripening and brings us a couple of solutions for this dilemma.  There is a lot of common sense behind his recommendation and we love the simplicity of his answer!


allcreated - make tomatoes last longer

credit: Serious Eats


WATCH:  Simple and useful tips on how to make tomatoes last longer


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