Bacon Wrapped Grilled Cheese Turns A Favorite Inside Out

Bacon Wrapped Grilled Cheese

Just when you think you’ve seen it all, Bacon Wrapped Grilled Cheese puts a crazy good spin on one of our all time favorites.

Few things satisfy like the gooey, familiar deliciousness of a grilled cheese sandwich.  Throw some bacon in the middle, and you’ve got a full entree.   But throw some bacon AROUND the sandwich?  Well, that’s just too amazing for words!



Check out Garden Fork as he prepares this mind-blowing sandwich variation.  As you’ll see, it’s quite a simple recipe.  And we love how patient his sweet puppies are.  I mean, look at those faces!  I do hope he eventually makes one for them too!


allcreated - bacon wrapped grilled cheese 1

credit: Garden Fork


WATCH:  Garden Fork and his adorable dogs whip up this amazing Bacon Wrapped Grilled Cheese Sandwich.


The only ingredients that you need are:

  • Bacon!!
  • Good quality bread
  • Your favorite melty cheese


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