Perfectly Crisp Oven Bacon Hack Using Accordian Foil

Have you tried making bacon in the oven?  This oven bacon hack uses a DIY foil rack to drain away the fat and prevent soggy, greasy strips every time!

Bacon lovers are pretty opinionated on their favorite way to prepare this beloved food.  Some love their cast iron.  Others have the perfect skillet that never fails them.  Others prefer the oven method.

There are several ways to cook bacon in the oven.  On foil, without a rack.  On foil, on a wire rack.  This is a similar concept, but reduces a little bit of clean-up.



Check out the simple technique as shown to us by America’s Test Kitchen.  It produces a still crisp, but slightly chewy strip instead of one that is so crisp that it falls apart upon touching.  We think this is worth a shot.  Especially if you need to prepare a large quantity.  It’s always good to have options, right?!



WATCH: This oven bacon hack with a folded foil rack delivers every time.


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