Used Tea Bags Help Gardens Prosper And Fight Pests

Before you throw away your tea bags, let them do double duty.  Check out all the ways used tea bags help gardens grow pretty and pest-free!

You learn something new every day!  We had no idea that tea had qualities that can be so beneficial to our plant friends.  It turns out that within those tiny little bags, there are tons of nutrients and characteristics that assist in enriching soil, repelling pests and fighting weeds.



Check out the informative video from Natural Ways and learn about all the ways your Lipton can make your garden grow.


allcreated - used tea bags help gardens

credit: Natural Ways


WATCH:  9 Ways that used tea bags help gardens produce healthier plants with fewer pests


Buried teabags will:
  • Add nutrients to the soil
  • Keep pests at bay
  • Increase decomposition in soil or compost piles
  • Help with water retention
  • Fight weeds
  • Grow a tea garden
  • Repel cats
  • Reduce garbage
  • Feed earthworms


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