Bake A Flat Cake With This Pro-Tested Winning Method

If you are stacking a cake, a domed top will drive you crazy.  This kitchen test on how to bake a flat cake with help you avoid leveling and wasting cake.

When your cake is domed, you often have to level the top in order to stack the layers evenly.  Unfortunately, that often means that scraps go to waste (unless there is a plan for cakepops or lucky “taster” nearby).  Even so, wouldn’t it be nice to get the most out of your batter?



The bakers at Craftsy have put several baking methods to the test in order to find which technique truly provides the flattest cake.  They used a boxed mix and carefully regulated temperature so that their tests were as accurate as possible.  The results were pretty interesting.  One modern method and one old school won the day.  The winning methods also provide a more evenly baked cake, without dark edges.  A major plus!  Check out this test for yourself and say “hello” to flatter cakes!



allcreated - bake a flat cake

credit: Craftsy

Craftsy tested these 5 different methods in their quest to bake a flat cake:

  • Wilton Bake-Even Strips
  • Foil and paper towels
  • Dish towels
  • Heating core
  • Floral Nail
Pop on over to the Craftsy blog to see the results up close and read all the tricks and tips.


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