Savory Potato Volcanoes that You Will Instantly Melt Over

Savory Potato Volcanoes that You Will Instantly Melt Over 

Potatoes erupting with cheese and wrapped in BACON! Yum! These Savory Potato Volcanoes are easy to make and the perfect mouth-watering dish.



Savory Potato Volcanoes that You will Melt Over _ all created

credit: BuzzFeed


Stuffed potato volcanoes are sure to make dinner a taste explosion. Overflowing with gooey cheese and sour cream blends while cutting into that crunchy salty bacon seems like food heaven! We can’t imagine why you would want to, but you could leave the bacon off and stuff these with your favorite veggies (broccoli, peppers, onions, avocados). If you are a meat-lover, these would be delicious stuffed with ham or beef cubes.  These potatoes are sure to become an instant hit at your table!


Watch: How To Make Savory Potato Volcanoes by BuzzFeed Tasty


Our friends at 12Tomatoes have yet another twist on these yummy spuds – they add barbecue sauce to create a savory-sweet spud! What a perfect flavor idea for a quick meal on the grill.  We can’t wait to try that recipe too!


Savory Potato Volcanoes that You will Melt Over _ BBQ _ all created