Robot Alarm Clock Will Have You Running In Your Sleep!

If you’re one of those people that is IMPOSSIBLE to wake up in the morning and the alarm clock just does not do the trick…well, then this is for you! This alarm clock will have you up in no time but quickly on your hands and knees trying to catch the little guy. Yup – once this alarm clock goes off, it literally takes OFF…rolling. And if you want to turn it off, you have to catch it first!


Amazon / Nanda Home

This nifty new creation is called “Clocky.” And Clocky’s main purpose is to wake you up with a ‘catch me if you can’ mentality. As the alarm goes off, the wheels kick into motion and ‘Clocky’ hops off your bedside table and hits the floor rolling.


Amazon / Nanda Home

So, no more rolling over as you roll your eyes at the alarm clock. You better hop up if you want to shut it down!


Amazon / Nanda Home

And as I learned more about ‘Clocky’ and his role in getting us up and out of bed, I was reminded of a story from Denzel Washington. I know…there’s a connection…just hang with me! Denzel shared an incredible story about his faith and how his slippers under his bed at night play a role. Click here for his full story – it’s worth your time, I promise!!


Denzel Washington

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