Artists With Down Syndrome INSPIRE!

These artists are proving to the world that those of us with Down Syndrome can excel. They can excel in so many ways and ART is a big part of their lives. And a huge ‘thank you’ is owed to Suzie Moffat of Cheshire, Northwest England who after the birth of her son who also has Down Syndrome for taking a particular interest in the art that these young individuals can create!


Dominic Bennett, Artist (copyright Paul Moffat Photography)

Per Suzie, “It was my way of trying to understand his condition.” 

With that thought in mind, Suzie began working with the Down Syndrome Association in hopes of connecting with other parents who are also raising a child with Downs.

“The idea originated just as a way to meet other families,” Moffat said. “But, then I started to realize the talent was incredible and the artists deserved to be recognized.”


Amy Ellison, Artist (copyright Paul Moffat Photography)

So, it was in 2012 when Suzie and her partner, Paul, established Heart & Soul as a venue to showcase their art. It was a huge success and they’ve never looked back!


Suzie Moffat with Heart & Sold artist (copyright Paul Moffat Photography)

“At the end of the day, who made the art, whether or not they have Down syndrome, doesn’t matter,” Suzie said. “It’s whether or not you want to put it on your wall.”


Robert Dixon, Artist (copyright Paul Moffat Photography)

Heart & Sold’s goal is to support and encourages all kinds of artists with Down syndrome, from photographers and filmmakers to various types of visual artists and sculptors. Its staff works closely with the artists and their caregivers and are often thrilled to see them go off on their own to host successful solo exhibitions and receive commissions.


Dominic Bennett, Artist (copyright Paul Moffat Photography)

Check out the art that this talented group has created, below:


“Sunset & flowers, Cornwall,” acrylic painting by Tazia Fawley (Copyright Heart & Sold on behalf of the artist)


“Dollar Pancakes” photograph by Rachel Handlin (Copyright Heart & Sold on behalf of the artist)

Thank you, Suzie and Paul, for your dedication, love, care and inspiration. May God continue to bless you and your organization in showcasing this beautiful artwork and to shine light on how inspiring their art work can be!


Suzie and Max Moffat (copyright Paul Moffat Photography)

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