Barbie Doll Has A New Body That Looks Like Yours!

Barbie’s New Body Has Me Speechless, Some Are Short And With Curly Hair Like Me! One Looks Like You Too!

For years we knew that Barbie’s body just wasn’t realistic. But we dealt with it anyway. Unless you were super model Gisele Bundchen there wasn’t a Barbie doll  that resembled you. But know those days are over. Barbie has a new body, and it’s better than ever! Which one looks the most like you?


All Created - Barbie 1 curvy2 curvy3 curvy4


You can tell that Barbie has a new curvy figure nowadays.



curvy5 curvy6 barbie doll  original1


And there is even a Barbie doll  that looks like girls that are tall and slim!



original2 original3


And they didn’t forget about the petite girls. There’s a small framed Barbie with the just the right proportions.


original4 petite2 petite3 petite4





There is a Barbie for everyone!


petite5 petite6 petite7 petite11


tall1 tall2

Look at all of the hair styles!

tall3 tall4 tall5 tall6

I’m sure that I’ve seen many of these “Barbies” in real life!