Retirement Home Not For You? Consider Co-Retiring

What are your plans when you stop working?  Co-retiring allows you to share a home with others and may just be the wave of retirement future.

Consider this.  You are nearing retirement age, but you aren’t ready for a “home”.  More and more empty nesters are taking a rather unconventional route and choosing to share a house with other “young-at-heart” folks.  They share a communal space like a kitchen and living area and yard, but have private suites where they can escape for some solitude.



These 3 couples had vacationed together for years and knew they were compatible, so they decided to give this idea a shot.  Each has their own bedroom, office and bathroom and they come together for cooking and social time.  What a wonderful way to enjoy your leisure years, while sharing them with a second family of like age and attitude!


allcreated - co-retiring

credit: ABC News


WATCH:  3 Couples have found retirement bliss by co-retiring


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