This 3D Drawing Had Me Seeing Things! Whoa.

3D Drawing Secrets

How is this man able to put his hand right through this glass? If you guessed that it was a 3D drawing, give yourself a hand! When I saw the video below of how this glass was “made” I was flipping out.

This is just too cool!

The artist used a hyper-realistic drawing style and a technique called anamorphosis to use the viewer’s perspective to make it appear 3-dimensional.

3d drawing -- how to draw anamorphic - allcreated


A similar technique is used by sidewalk chalk artists who amaze passersby with their mind-blowing masterpieces. Can you imagine doing all this work for something that’s just going to wash away with the first rain?

3d drawing - sidewalk art

credit: Edgar Mueller,

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3d drawing - sidewalk art

Check out this video below and see this talented artist, Stefan Pabst, amaze with his 3D drawing skills!

Here are some other examples of 3D art that is simply stunning. This 3D printed vase has a secret. Can you spot it?

The amazing work of art called a fahz is designed to reveal faces in the vase! The fahz was crowd-funded on Kickstarter and can feature up to 16 different profiles! (And they plan to be able to ship by Mother’s Day!)

3d printed vase reveals secret hidden faces

credit: Fahz

Ramon Bruin drew this sketch of what appears to be a ship floating across 3 sheets of flat paper. It’s actually 3 separate drawings combined to make this incredible illusion.

3D drawing - Ramon Bruin.jpg

And lastly, check out Tolga Girgin‘s beautiful work with letters that magically seem to leap off the page.

3d drawing - calligraphy 2

I just loved looking at how these talented artists are able to use their talents in such an amazing way!

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