28 Images That Prove YOU Can Be An Artist!

28 Images Reveal The Truth About Being an ARTIST!

I am not an artist. How many of us say that? Maybe, just maybe, you’re wrong!

Let’s say you’ve never had a piano lesson in your whole life. And someone comes along and asks you to sit down at the piano and play a Mozart concerto. When you aren’t able to do it, you say, ‘Well, I’m not a musician.’

What you really mean to say is, you’re not trained as a musician. You’ve never studied piano, or learned to read music or put in the hours of practice needed to become a musician.

And the same is true of art!

How many times have you heard someone say, ‘I can’t even draw a straight line’? Guess what! Art isn’t about straight lines. And how could you expect to become an artist if you never draw, or study or practice?

They say that practice makes perfect. And it’s true. When a drawing by artist Marc Allante’s went viral everyone was amazed at his talent. But Marc knew that he had been working on his craft since he was just two years old. This is a reason why you shouldn’t give up on your talents. Keep working and eventually you just may surprise yourself!


Let’s take a look at Marc’s art work throughout his years:

Marc’s Art at age two…

(So sweet, he drew his grandparents!)

artist - allcreated

At three he drew a bat, and some other cute animals.

artist - allcreated

When he was four, it was all about Ninja Turtles

artist - allcreated

When Marc was five he knew that he wasn’t going to be a veterinarian.


Marc’s art at age six…


And at age seven…


Age eight, here comes the dogs!




And at nine, he’s getting creative.

art work two through twenty-eight

Wow! Look at his work at age ten.


Oooooo! The DRAGON of age 11.


And of course, action figures at age 13.

art work two through twenty-eight

So much complexity at age 14.

art work two through twenty-eight

By the time Marc was 15, his drawings were looking totally real.

art work two through twenty-eight

And at 16, he just keeps getting better.


At age 17, you can see Marc take chances with surrealism.

art work two through twenty-eight

This one drawing took him more than nine months to complete.

art work two through twenty-eight

At 19, Marc is finding who he is as an artist.

art work two through twenty-eight

At age 20, he’s still at it.


When Marc is 22, his artwork is looking quite distinguished.

art work two through twenty-eight

When Marc was 23 he started painting.


At age 24, March launched his website with this stunning painting.

art work two through twenty-eight

…. and THIS painting went viral!


When Marc was 26, this painting “Achilles” was the main feature at his first solo exhibition.


He kept going at age 27 to make this larger than life painting.


And finally, at age 28 Marc created this stunning piece of work.


This just goes to show you that hard work pays off, and if you don’t sell yourself short and never try, you too can be great at whatever you set your mind to!

credit: lifebuzz