Edible Bowls for Ice Cream Sundaes. Oh YES!

Delicious Edible Bowls You’ll Love

Ice cream in edible bowls?!?!

Did I just die and go to heaven? I’ll be making these from now on.

As a matter of fact … I’m may just get rid of all of my “real” bowls and replace them with these edible bowls. My family will thank me later.

Here are some fun ways to enjoy your ice cream sundaes without your boring, ordinary kitchen bowl



Cookie bowls… (with ice cream of course)

cookie ice cream bowls All Created


Oreo bowls for my icecream :O ?!?! Is this for real? Or am I in heaven?

Posted by All Created on Thursday, February 18, 2016


Lemon Bowl with Strawberry Ice cream… Yes! I love strawberry lemonade, but I love strawberry ice cream even version more. Who wouldn’t?

edible bowl - allcreated



What about a bowl made of entirely chocolate? Catch me while I faint.

edible bowl - allcreated



Apple Bowl with ice cream and caramel … They say an apple a day keeps the doctor away. Does this count?

edible bowl - allcreated


Yummy Rice Krispies bowl.

edible bowl - allcreated

One Second Scoop


I promise that I will be good if I can have my ice cream in this brownie bowl.

edible bowl - allcreated

Half Baked Baker

Now I have to see how I can replace my plates.


h/t: Country Living