Upcycled Towel Bath Rug DIY — So Cozy!

Turn Your Scraps Into An Upcycled Towel Bath Rug!

We all have them. Those towels that are perfectly fine, but they’re getting a little worn and frayed around the edges. Well, this project is the perfect way to reuse them while making an adorable and useful item for your home — an upcycled towel bath rug!

upcycled towel bath rug - AllCreated

For this project, you’ll just need 3 towels, scissors, needle and thread. If you can do a simple hair braid, and have the sewing skills to mend a sock, you can handle this fun and simple project!

There you have it! It’s just that simple. I love that you can customize it for your bath’s colors. (And it looks so cozy!)


credit: HGTV Handmade