How To Fix Saggy Couch Cushions

No More Saggy Couch Cushions, This Nifty Little Trick Is Giving My Sofa A Face Lift.

Saggy is just not a word that anything should be described as. When is comes to our living spaces sometimes our furniture can loose a little bit of it’s fluff…thus leading to the sag. But thanks to our friends at Thistle Wood Farms we know how make saggy couch cushions look happy again.


All Created - saggy couch cushions

Thistle Wood Farms


This is literally like Botox for your sofa.


This is all you need….

Extra stuffing.

All Created - saggy couch cushions - 2

Thistle Wood Farms

Find the zipper of your cushion and insert the stuffing. That’s it.



For more detailed instructions check out Karri Anne at Thistle Wood Farms