Ripen Bananas Quickly With This Clever Kitchen Hack

Bananas are a tricky fruit to buy.  Green one day, brown the next.  Learn how to ripen bananas quickly with this kitchen hack and be ever-ready for baking success!

As a general rule, we just buy green bananas and wait for them to ripen a little.  Our favorite “doneness” is when they are the brightest of yellow.  Now, that only lasts a day or two and then it’s quickly downhill from here.  Which is great news for baking!  But usually, I am too busy and forget to put them in the freezer.  So, in the trash they go.  The bottom line is that it’s just too tricky to time the bananas for optimal baking readiness.



It’s time for you to call the banana shots.  If you are ready to bake and your bananas aren’t, there is a solution!  Food & Wine and their Mad Genius Tips are here to show you how to make those bananas behave on YOUR terms.  It’s simple and easy and oh, so clever.


allcreated - ripen bananas quickly

credit: Food & Wine


WATCH:  Ripen bananas quickly and take fruit from green to recipe-ready!


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