Simple Pie Crust Art Turns Your Dessert Table Into A Gallery

If you are baking pies anyway, why not take a few extra minutes to really impress?  With just your knife or cookie cutters, you can create pie crust art worthy of a bakery!

Don’t be intimidated by fancy desserts like you might see in a pie shop.  Showstopping holiday pies are at your fingertips with these easy-to-follow instructions. For several of these designs, a knife is all you need.  Or, you can use a simple leaf cutter to make the process even easier.



Tastemade has 6 pie crust design tutorials in one tutorial, so you will be fully ready to bake and create!


allcreated - pie crust art

credit: Tastemade


These 6 easy and impressive Pie Crust Art designs include:

  • Cascade of leaves
  • Turkey
  • Leaf relief covering and trim
  • Braided lattice
  • Fall colors
  • Owl

See the complete video tutorial at Tastemade!


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