How To Get Rid of Counter Clutter Once And For All

We all have that clutter spot in our house. For many of use random items land on our kitchen counters. Thanks to these moms, we finally discovered how to get rid of counter clutter for good. These are such handy tricks that any mom will appreciate.


Coming home to a counter full of clutter is never a good feeling. But sometimes, the duties of the day don’t leave much time for cleaning certain areas. We’re so focused on the big things that small spaces, like the counter, can become the place where we pile ‘everything else.’ I know that’s exactly what happens to my counter. It’s full of mail, keys, children’s items and other nick-nacks that have no other home in the house. To be honest, I’m not even sure what color my counters are anymore. It’s almost like the counter has become our own little Island Of Misfit Items.

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credit: WhatsUpMoms


Thankfully, the amazing mothers at WhatsUpMoms came together to solve this clutter problem once and for all. With these easy tips, we can conquer this mountain and finally use the counter space for what is what actually intended. It might take a bit at first, but once you’re finished with all of these tips, you’ll be able to manage the space to keep the clutter from coming back. Who knows, you might even get on an organization kick and get started on some of those other places like drawers and cabinets.


WATCH: How To Get Rid of Counter Clutter Once And For All

credit: WhatsUpMoms


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