Clean Floor Vents In The Dishwasher And Breathe Easier

When it comes to cleaning, your dishwasher can handle more than just pots and pans.  Clean floor vents quickly and easily with this soap-free method.

It’s easy to forget, but all the air that we breathe in our houses passes through air vents.  If they are dusty and dirty, that means that dust is being blown straight into our living space.  It’s no wonder half of us walk around sneezing all day.

Cure your air by simply cleaning your vents.  It can be a daunting job, but if you have metal vents, the dishwasher can be a life saver.



Simply follow the instructions from Design Dazzle to get your vents looking brand new again.  If you have wood or plastic vents, she has suggestions for those too!



Start with these simple tips on how to clean floor vents in the dishwasher.

  • Make sure the ceiling or floor vents can be washed with water.  Don’t wash wood or plastic in the dishwasher.
  • Place vents in dishwasher without stacking on top of each other.
  • Don’t use dishwasher soap.  It’s too harsh.
  • Use the short cycle.
  • Remove and dry with a dish towel immediately.
Pop over to Design Dazzle to see just how she does it and read more vent cleaning advice.


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