How To Choose The Perfect Watermelon

The bountiful displays at the market are beautiful, but not all fruit are created equal.  Try these tests to help you choose the perfect watermelon.


There’s truly nothing better than sinking your teeth into a slice of watermelon when the weather starts to get warm. I can think back to so many childhood days sitting outside enjoying a juicy slice of watermelon with my family. This is such a wonderful summer ritual.  But there is nothing worse than realizing that you have purchased a fruit that is not perfectly ripe. If you get one that is dry, mealy or less than sweet, you know you probably should have picked a different fruit.  but how do you know which one to choose?

Thankfully, the amazing folks at Natural Cures are here to help and they’re bringing us 5 useful tips to help choose the perfect melon.  If you want to guarantee you’re making the right choice, make sure you check for these 5 things:

  • Field spot
  • Webbing
  • Gender
  • Size
  • Tail




I’m so glad that we know these tips now and this is definitely going to come in handy during these upcoming summer nights. Now, we never have to worry about bringing the mealy fruit to the cookout or having your kids complain that it doesn’t ‘taste right.’ You’ll be sure to make a perfect choice every single time. These are some helpful tips that I’m definitely going to be sharing with my friends. How about you?


WATCH: 5 things to look for to help you choose the perfect watermelon


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