A Carpet Pet Hair Removal Plan You Can Live With

Carpet Pet Hair Removal

Our fur babies give us so much joy.  And so much hair.  Get it under control with this carpet pet hair removal plan, including a secret weapon.

Does your dog or cat shed?  Sometimes we feel like we could gather all the shed hair together and create an entirely new animal!  Well, there’s not much that can be done about the shedding, but there are tools to help manage the hair that is left all over the house.



The School of Decorating has a plan that includes a few different tools, depending upon what surface they are cleaning.  Solid surface furnitures do well with dryer sheets, while upholstery is managed with vacuum attachments and giant lint rollers.  The carpets, however, are a whole other beast.  A good, strong vacuum is the first line of defense, but School of Decorating‘s secret weapon is the carpet rake!  We are so impressed with how this baby gathers mass quantities of fur with minimal effort.  The key is to lightly dampen the carpet first and then let the rake work its magic!  There are different versions of this product, but a quick search on Amazon should reveal which one is right for you.  Go ahead…add this tool to your cleaning supply arsenal.  You won’t be sorry!



Jackie’s tools for furniture, vertical space and carpet pet hair removal are:

  • A good, quality vacuum
  • A carpet rake (the secret weapon for rugs and carpets)
  • Giant lint roller
  • Dryer sheets

Visit School Of Decorating to learn more about these handy tips.


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