6 Items To Recycle & Reuse Instead Of Tossing In The Trash!

Here are (6) household items that can be re-purposed INSTEAD of tossing in the trash. WOW- these ideas are so cute and SO easy to make! From tissue boxes to Pringles cans to soup cans…here are some great ways to recycle and reuse!

For example, these adorable frames are using your empty Kleenex box for its adorable matting! What? 


Maggie May’s

#1) Recycle your empty Kleenex box and upgrade your picture frames: I’ve always thought my Kleenex boxes were so cute and wondered HOW could I use them…now I know! For more on how to cut it properly and affix to your existing picture frames, click here. Great Idea! 🙂


Maggie May’s

#2) Got Soup? Turn those empty soup cans into something useful…like a utensil holder! For more on how to do this, click here!



#3) Recycle those empty baby wipes containers into some useful – a plastic bag dispenser! How cool is this? I have plastic bags everywhere and I do reuse them so that’s good…but how to store them is another problem. Until now! For more on how to position the bags inside the containers, click here!


Kelli’s Kitchen

#4) Store twine and string in your empty Pringles cans – now that’s clever. We love Pringles in our home, so I’ve tossed more than my share of these super-fun shaped canisters. Now, I have a useful way to recycle these bad-boys! Click here for the how-to.


The Scrap Shoppe Blog

#5) Put some organization in your pantry reusing empty creamer bottles! Once they’re empty, clean them and remove the label – voila – the perfect container (and it’s clear for easy visibility) for chocolate chips, popcorn, coffee beans, etc. You decide. For more on this recycle idea, click here!



#6) Recycle some old wood and 4 mason jars…and you get this awesome desk-top organizer for work or the playroom. Click here to learn how to make this for yourself OR as the perfect gift!


The Summery Umbrella

Thank you everyone for sharing such fun and easy ways to recycle some household items that might have been tossed before their time!

For a fun-family recipe, click here!

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