This Star Wore a Department Store Dress to the Golden Globes.

Star Wears Department Store Dress

Most of us don’t walk on red carpets, our carpets are beige – or gray.

So when Bryce Dallas Howard attended the Golden Globes wearing her lovely blue gown she was a true show stopper.

When Dallas was asked “Who was she wearing?” she could of said, Nordstrom’s, Macy’s or Dillard’s…

star -wears-department-store-dress All Created

Yup, that’s right!

Dallas bought her gown from a department store, and she looked just as good as anyone else who wore the trendiest designers and ten thousand dollar dresses.

“I like having lots of options for a size six as opposed to maybe one option,” she said while on the red carpet. “So I always go to department stores for this kind of stuff.”

She needed to go to a normal store to find a dress for her normal size.

If you ask us, she wins the award for the most down-to-earth gal at the ball.

Way to go Dallas you’re the true definition of a star!


h/t: Distractify