4 Steps to Defrost Your Windshield Fastest

Life Hack to Defrost Your Windshield in a Jiffy!

There’s nothing like getting into the car and realizing that the windows are frosted over, especially when you’re in a hurry. Now we know the trick to defrost your windshield within a matter of seconds.  Now that’s a life hack!

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1. Turn the heater up all the way. Hot air holds more moisture than cold air. That’s why blasting the windshield with hot air works better.

2. Turn the A/C on.  Air conditioners get the moisture out of the air, which is essential.

3. Turn Air Recirculation Off.  It’s usually a button you press that features the outline of a car with a circular arrow in the middle of it. When it’s pressed, it only recirculates air that’s already inside the car. The reason you want it off is because the air outside the car is colder, and cold air can’t hold as much moisture. Therefore, you want to bring it in and heat it up so it sucks up more of the moisture that’s already in the car.

4. Crack your windows for a few seconds. Get that humid air out, and let the dry air in.



credit: Mark Rober