St. Patrick’s Day Fruit Rainbow

This St. Patrick’s Day Fruit Rainbow Has A Pot Of Gold At The End of It! Yum!

They say that you should eat foods from every color of the rainbow. Consider yourself lucky, this  fruit rainbow has got you covered. Your kids will love this colorful snack, (and the yummy treats to go with it).

Fruit Rainbow - AllCreated




Fruit Rainbow Ingredients

  • 1 carton strawberries
  • 4 clementine oranges
  • 1 cup pineapple
  • green grapes
  • 1 small carton blueberries
  • red grapes
  • mini-marshmallows
  • Rolos candies





Start from the outside with the red strawberries.

Overlap each new fruit/color to make a new row.

Place mini marshmallows  and Rolo candies at each end of the rainbow.


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