Paint A Vintage Piano And Create Harmony In Your Decor

Is your old piano singing the blues?  Prepare it for its encore with this paint a piano tutorial that will save you a fortune.  These folks cover it all, from A to G!

Music makes a house come alive, and if you have a musician in the family, a piano can be as much a necessity as bread and water.  The folks at All Things Thrifty walk us through their process of finding a used piano for their daughter, and then completely cleaning and restoring it to like-new condition.



They provide tips for choosing a good instrument for little to no money.  Then they show how to carefully prepare it for cleaning and painting.  The transformation is remarkable, bringing the piece back to life to make beautiful music once again!



Here’s an “after” shot of another remarkable transformation. Look at that gorgeous color!

allcreated - paint a piano

credit: Your Home Based Mom

A rundown of supplies and approximate cost to paint a piano:

$50.00 for piano off of Craigslist
Cost of primer (4 cans X $4.44)= about $18.00
Cost of paint (7 cans X $2.97)= about $21.00
Decorative scroll= about $11.00

Grand Total: $100.00 

Visit All Things Thrifty for the play by play on how to do it!


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