7 Sneaky Places To Hide A House Key

What do you do when you get locked out of the house?  If you hide a key in one of these clever places, you’ll never be caught out in the cold again!

When you factor in all 4 members of my family, I think our hide a key gets used at least once a week.  Thank goodness we have honest neighbors because I’m sure at least one of them has seen where we hide it.  I might just have to mix things up a little and try one of these super-sneaky DIY ideas!  They use what looks like normal, every day yard fixtures to hide keys in places that no one would suspect!



Nifty Outdoors shows how to hack several different items, like a door knocker, a sprinkler head and, yes, even what looks to be a gift from your dog.  I’ll bet at least one of these could work for us and the neighbors would never suspect a thing!


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