200+ Stain Fixes All In One Place

Ever have a stain emergency and spend half your time trying to find a solution? Well search no more! The University of Illinois Extension has done all of the research for you. They have collected over 22 stain removal tricks to get just about any stain out of just about anything!


Here are 4 stain removal tricks I always need!

1. Barbeque sauce on the couch!

bbq sauce 1

It’s grilling season so barbeque sauce ends up on everything including the furniture. But fret not! Here’s how to get it out.

BBQ sauce 2


2. Grass stains on your carpet.

grass 1


There’s nothing better than fresh cut grass, except for the smudges on your fresh carpet. Thankfully those smudges can be fixed!

grass 2



3. Deodorant on your favorite shirt.


This one is a sad fact of life, deodorant leaves the worst stains and let’s face it we have to wear it. But now you can get those stains out like they never even existed to begin with! Check it out.

deoderant 2


4. Red berries in, well let’s face it, everything!

red berries 1


The red berry stains are practically a sign of summer. Dots on your shirt and smears on your carpet from dropped plates. But now you can get them out no problem!

red berries 2

red berries 3



Life is full of little stains, so head over to the University’s website and check out the stains-out guide with over 200 tips. They even have a search bar to make your life even easier. Trust me you are going to want see this!

Click HERE or on the picture below for the full link.


jd-allcreated-stain solutions

credit: University of Illinois Extension