Is It Worth It To Buy Expensive Eggs?

Do grocery labels make your head spin?  Buying eggs won’t be so complicated once you understand the labels and what they mean for you.

Eggs used to be a pretty standard purchase.  But in recent years, so many different options have become available.  Cage free, organic, free range, vegetarian.  How are we supposed to know what it all means and whether the fancy kind are worth the higher price tag?



Jillee at One Good Thing is breaking it all down for us with a logical list of packaging term definitions.  Everyone has different needs and what might be right or worth it to one person may not be right for another.  With this information, you can determine the best choice and value for your family.



Two things to look for when buying eggs:

  • How are the chickens housed?
  • What are the chickens fed?
Visit One Good Thing to read all about the differences and what they mean for you.


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