Easter Egg Hunt Printable Game Reminds Of The True Reason For The Season

Every Christian child looks forward to hunting for Easter Eggs during the holiday weekend.  This Easter Egg Hunt Printable is a great way to remind the kiddos that Jesus is Risen for them!



Easter is often a time for Christian families to gather to celebrate the season of Resurrection.  How about involving your neighbors and friends in this celebration with a game?  This free printable offered by FabNFree is designed to provide the kids some fun, while reminding them of the purpose of the Easter celebration.  The idea behind the game, “You’ve Been Egged”, is to hide 12 plastic eggs in your friend’s yard.  11 eggs are filled with treats, but the 12th is left empty as a sign of Jesus’ empty tomb.  You then post this sign on their door (don’t let them see you!), ring the doorbell, and run!  It’s so fun to watch the kids come out to a surprise hunt while you hide from view.

Head on over to FabNFree to download the Easter Egg Hunt Game Printable.


allcreated - Easter egg hunt printable game

credit: fabnfree


Kids can get wrapped up in the novelty of Easter weekend and sometimes forget the true meaning of the holiday. This charming free printable is a great way to ensure their Easter fun, while incorporating the true meaning of the season. I’m so glad that the creative people at FabNFree came up with this amazing printable. I think this is going to become a staple every year within our family. Do you have any Easter traditions like this?

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