10 Common Cookie Baking Mistakes You Want To Avoid

Cookies and Christmas go together like the Grinch and his dog, Max.  Make yours perfect by avoiding these common cookie baking mistakes.

As much as people love cookies, it’s amazing how hard it is to produce the perfect batch.  They are either too hard, fall flat, burnt on the bottom.  The list goes on.

Baking is not like cooking, where you can experiment and throw whatever strikes your fancy into the pan.  It’s chemistry and if you don’t adhere to the proper ratio of ingredients and cooking method, your cookies will go astray.



But, if you follow these basic rules, you should have much better luck!  And you want to make the very BEST cookies for Santa, right?


allcreated - cookie baking mistakes

credit: Well Done


Here are few mistakes you will want to avoid:

  • Not reading the recipe first
  • Using improper measuring tools
  • Baking on a dark cookie sheet

See the video for more!


WATCH:  For the perfect batch, make sure you don’t make any of these cookie baking mistakes!


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