Flavor Blast Your Feast With Hot Cheetos Turkey

Your Christmas turkey is about to take a walk on the wild side.  Hot Cheetos Turkey marries snacks with dinner’s leading lady.  What do you think?

Just when you thought you had seen it all.  Your favorite crunchy snacks have nosed their way into our traditional holiday menus in a very bizarre way!  Reynold’s Kitchens have been experimenting with crazy ways to spice up turkey and their ideas have us so curious!



The idea is to form a flavor-filled crust on the turkey.  Simply baste the bird with butter or olive oil and coat with crushed Cheetos.  If you prefer other snack varieties, they also tried Cool Ranch Turkey and Funyuns Turkey.  Yay!  Something for everyone!  😉

Visit Reynold’s Kitchens to see how they did it.  Would you be willing to give this a try?



allcreated - cheetos turkey

credit:  Thinkstock/pxhidalgo



allcreated - cheetos turkey

credit: Reynold’s Kitchen


WATCH:  How would a Hot Cheetos Turkey be received at your holiday feast?


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