Bargain DIY Blackout Curtains Are No-Sew And Under $20

Natural light is wonderful, until the sun’s first rays shock us out of our peaceful slumber.  Bargain DIY blackout curtains are your answer to more zzz’s!


Nothing is more dreary than a dark room.  That is unless you are trying to catch some must-needed sleep!  Sometimes, our shades and blinds are often not enough. What if you have an east-facing window that welcomes the sun in at dawn’s first light? There’s nothing worse than getting woken up from the blinding Sun when you were snoozing so nice. But blackout curtains can get really expensive really fast.

Thankfully, we’re not the only one with this problem. The amazing mind over at Debt Is Dum came up with this clever solution to solve all of your light issues. Her toddler daughter was starting to wake with the sun, so this Mom was desperate to trick her into a few more hours of sleep.  With the help of some awesome sales and coupons and some hanging tricks, you can have a no-sew, inexpensive and effective solution installed in no time.

And don’t worry, you won’t be slaving over that dusty sewing machine to get these things. I can’t emphasize the no-sew part of this project enough. No more worrying about the sun waking you, your significant other or baby up anymore. I’m so glad that someone came up with a simple and affordable solution that anyone can do. And by anyone, I mean that even I can pull this one off 😉


allcreated - bargain DIY blackout curtains

credit: Debt Is Dum


WATCH:  Bargain DIY Blackout Curtains Are No Sew And Budget-Friendly!


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