7 Ways To Upcycle Baby Cribs

Upcycle Baby Cribs To Make These Awesome New Furniture Pieces!

When your babies are all grown up and ready to move from their crib it can be hard to let go of that ol’ thing. Those cribs bring back memories of bringing your sweet babies home on their first day from the hospital. And if you had more than one kiddo, your crib might have been handed down to the next only to pile on even more sweet memories. How can you let something so sentimental go? Well now you don’t have to. Just use one of these ideas to upcycle your children’s crib to make it into something new.


Turn it into a chic desk

Baby Crib Upcycle




Use it as a cute corner bench.

Baby Crib Upcycle







Use it for craft room organization… yes please!

Baby Crib Upcycle - AllCreated




You can turn your baby crib into a toy chest.

Baby Crib Upcycle - AllCreated






Or gate for the baby or the dog…

Baby Crib Upcycle - AllCreated




Use your crib as a snazzy headboard.

Baby Crib Upcycle - AllCreated




And make this darling porch swing!

Baby Crib Upcycle - AllCreated

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