5 Exercises You Can Do At Work!

Whether your sitting in a corner office, a cubicle or a home office…taking a break in your day is critical to your overall health! And every fitness expert I’ve ever heard speak, says it’s very important to not sit for longer than 1 hour without getting up and walking around – even for just 3-4 minutes.

And for those of us bound to a job that is mostly sitting, here are some tips to keep your blood flowing and help alleviate that achy back, neck and legs.



For starters, you can’t worry about what your co-workers might say. Shoot, they just might join you…their backs and legs ache, too!

So, next time you hop up to go to the printer, take a moment and do (10) desk push-ups. They are quite simple. Stand a few feet from your desk edge and lean forward on your hands. Try to keep you body as straight and “plank-like” throughout the push-up and keep your head up as well.



And every hour, take 2-3 minutes and stretch. Reach for the sky – lean right, slowly. Then lean left, gently. Do this 3 or 4 times per side. Count to 5 as you hold your stretch to the right, then to the left. Ahhh…doesn’t that feel good??



And here’s a great core exercise you can do sitting down. Sit on the edge of your chair, back straight with leg extended. (if you have bad knees, slightly bend the leg extended in front of you – this will take the pressure off your knee)

Simply lift (15) times, per leg. You’ll feel it, I promise! Try to work up to 3 sets per leg each day.




Another great stretch while sitting is to simply lift one arm over your head and gently pull down behind your neck. Slowly count to 10 and switch arms. Do this 2 or 3 times, per arm, a day and you’ll feel the strain in your neck and back subside.



For a little more movement, this chair (or desk) dip is great! You’re working your triceps and shoulders – alleviating stress as well. You can either keep your knees bent (as shown) or extend your legs out for a more difficult move. And you don’t need to dip too deep. A slight movement is all it takes! Shoot for 25 dips – your office won’t seem so cold after a few of these!



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