23 Uses For Baby Wipes

We Use Baby Wipes For Almost Everything, But I Never Knew They Could Do THIS Too!

Baby wipes aren’t just for those cute swittle bums and any parent will tell you that baby wipes like magic tissues that have hundreds of uses. Kids or no kids… after you find out the real potential of baby wipes you noticed that your life has changed.



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23 Ways to Use Baby Wipes

  1. Make up remover
  2. But those bad-boys on the bottom of your Swiffer
  3. Clean up fresh stains
  4. Dust off house plants
  5. Clean pets
  6. Clean shopping carts
  7. Let them dry and use them as extra soft tissues
  8. Clean white boards
  9. Clean leather couches
  10. Quick clean up for tables at restaurants
  11. They are perfect to take on camping trips
  12. Clean up spills on carpet
  13. Cleaning steering wheel
  14. They are good to send to deployed soldiers for when they can’t shower
  15. Chill them and use as cold wipes for a hot day
  16. Soak up pet stains as soon as it hits the floor
  17. Dust furniture with dried baby wipes ones
  18. Clean ink off of craft stamps
  19. Clean DVDs and CDs
  20. Yoga mat cleaner
  21. Remove sand after the beach
  22. Killing bugs… ugh!
  23. And of course they are good for those smooth baby bottoms


h/t: kidsactivitiesblog.com