Wreath Storage Ideas Keep Your Collection Fresh And Pretty

When the time comes to undecorate, what do you do with your decor?  Try one of these wreath storage ideas to keep them looking fresh and ready for next year!

If you love wreaths as much as we do, you know how tricky they can be to store.  Ours are all kinds of disorganized with some in bins, some in the garage and some hanging in the attic.  Time to get our act together!



We are firm believers in getting things off the floor, so we love these ideas.  Just find a spot to hang a rod and you are good to go!


Keep your decorations looking their best with these 3 clever wreath storage ideas.


Build a hanging rod and hooks
allcreated - wreath storage

credit: Life Storage

If you have an ideal space, but no way to hang, this tutorial from Life Storage shows how to easily install a rod.  The hooks are simply cut from a spool of wire and bent to the desired shape.



Use an old clothes rack in a corner or the basement or attic
allcreated - wreath storage

credit: Sew Many Ways

The blogger at Sew Many Ways had an unused clothes rack in her basement.  It became the perfect organizer for her beloved wreath collection.  Plastic bags keep the dust off but let the air flow through so that the materials don’t decay over time.



Store on a multi-purpose hanging tool
allcreated - wreath storage

credit: Ask Anna

Ask Anna had a HangerJack handy and it made an ideal caddy for her wreath collection (HangerJacks are available online).  If you are able to keep yours in a climate controlled area like a closet or basement, the wreaths will likely last much longer.


Do you have a clever wreath storage idea?


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