Thanksgiving Life Hacks

Thanksgiving is right around the corner, along with everything that comes with it- family, food, LOTS of preparation time. So we’ve just made your holiday easier with these 12 life hacks for Thanksgiving.

1. Wash potatoes in the rinse cycle of your dishwasher.

2. Steam your vegetables in your dishwasher.

3. Moisten the end of a sugar cone in warm water. Curl up the tip and let it dry to make this dessert cup.

4. Spray paint dry autumn leaves gold, then use a marker to make table name plates.

5. Make mac & cheese in a rice cooker to save space.

6. Hollow out a pumpkin for your pumpkin pie, then use it to make a centerpiece.

7. Cut a perfectly portioned biscuit with the rim of a wine glass.

8. Use duct tape to open those stubborn jars.

9. Add a spoon rest to your pot handles with a little bit of aluminum foil.

10. Make candle holders out of carved out gourds.

11. Make stuffing in a muffin pan. Easy and fun to serve!

12. Have a plan for your Thanksgiving leftovers.


Now you can save time and perhaps a few bucks this Thanksgiving!